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Chocolate lovers, rejoice! This homemade mask is for you.


Mash one fourth of an avocado in a bowl.


Stir in one tablespoon cocoa powder and one tablespoon honey, mashing and mixing well.


Apply the mask to clean, dry skin. Leave on for 10 minutes.


Wash off with lukewarm water.


Apply a gentle toner to remove any leftover residue.


Moisturize and relax!!


Zeneakia ILO

Zeneakia began her journey into skincare over fifteen years ago. As a person who struggled with acne for most of her adult life, she became empowered to learn more about the body’s largest organ. She attended the Aveda Institute Birmingham and completed her esthetician training and licensure. Zeneakia is very passionate about educating people about the various functions of the skin so that they can make more informed decisions about proper skincare and overall health of the skin.